LevantaPark replaces car lift in Paddington, Sydney NSW

Parking solution complements premium residential dwelling

Liz and her husband had purchased their beautiful Paddington terrace house around 2010. One attraction of the home was its car lift, which Liz anticipated would provide her with reliable, secure off-street car parking in the busy inner-city suburb.

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Do your car lifts meet Australian Standards?

What to check to make sure your lift conforms

Goods and vehicle platform lifts going over multiple levels have been installed in Australia for many years. Yet how often do you hear – or say – these words: “The product works, but it won’t comply” – ?

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LevantaPark completes car parking solution for WA apartment complex

Car stackers help meet local council requirements

LevantaPark has recently completed work on a multi-residential building on the Albany Highway in Victoria Park, West Australia.

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Sherwood residential development made viable with car stackers

Bipark stackers help increase apartments’ parking capacity

LevantaPark has recently completed work on installing six Bipark car stackers in a residential development in Sherwood in Brisbane’s inner west. 

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Manufacturer insight – OMER S.p.A. Italy

World-class stackers and lifts, available now in Australia

LevantaPark have signed an exclusive distributorship arrangement with Italy’s OMER S.p.A. to distribute their range of car stackers and lifts throughout the Australian market.

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Do your car parking stackers meet Australian Standards?

The new AS5124:2017 standard explained

It’s been said that there is very little in the way of Australian Standards relating to parking stackers. That’s now changed. 

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Customised parking design for multi-residential development

How LevantaPark ensured viability for Cotham Road project

LevantaPark has recently completed an interesting project at 24 Cotham Road in Kew, Victoria. Adjacent to the popular Kew Junction, the site has access from a Right of Way in Queen Street.

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Are car stackers safe?

5 reasons car parking stackers are safe to include in your building design

If you’re thinking of incorporating car parking stackers in your building design, you might be considering whether they offer sufficient safety for the needs of developers, building managers, and end users.

As heavy industrial machinery intended to be used by members of the public with little or no training, clearly there is an essential need for car stackers to be inherently safe to use.

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6 outstanding benefits of car parking stackers

The top ways car stackers can benefit your building design

As an architect or building designer, including sufficient car parking spaces in your design is a never-ending challenge.

We’ve talked before about the many benefits of incorporating an automatic parking system in your design – but is there another solution that may do the job equally well?

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Parking design ideas for tight or narrow sites

How to get the best ROI from your project

When you’re creating a new building design on a particularly tight or narrow site, the need to incorporate sufficient parking capacity will no doubt be a primary concern.

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